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Red Carpet Management

October 4, 2023 | by josh


Too busy to deal with all this website stuff? Need products updated and managed, SEO-optimized content shared to Facebook and Instagram?

We’ve got it all covered! We will provide monthly website management with weekly content creation based on your direction with as little as 4 sentences and a picture. You can provide us with your personal information to set up your payment processing and deliver your POS device. All your sales will be seamlessly processed through your phone and website.

Everything in Basic

Up to 50 email addresses

Up to 2 Additional webpages every month

Up to 10 products additional products per month

Inventory Management

Stripe setup & integration

1 Hour/month website consulting and Q&A

Initial Setup – $500 (Includes Basic M2 Card Reader)

Monthly, cancel anytime, and take your site with you. *Fees may apply from the server provider; we don’t charge to initiate a transfer. Just tell us where to send it.*


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