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Sweet Surrender to Seasonal Shifts in September!

September 14, 2022 | by Jazmin

The dog days of summer are ending, and we are feeling more relaxed afternoons (~91-95 degrees Fahrenheit) in the great state of Texas! With cool days and crisp leaves on the horizon, hearty meals become a staple in our home. Stews and roasts with fresh veggies from our local farmers market are something our family savors. We are fortunate enough to enjoy pasture-raised, soy-free, non-GMO livestock from our farm to our family table; it is truly a blessing. There is something so special about enjoying the fruits of one’s labor. Caring for our animals as they relish in the grass-fed life is something in which we take pride. Given the state of the world, America, and experiencing what it means to live in a border town (our county is within 100 miles of the Mexico border), the world’s perils often fall away when working on our farm.

“Mud baths are the perfect temp these days.”

As we move into fall, the farmer’s markets are far more enjoyable in south Texas (30 miles from San Antonio, to be exact). We are ramping up to support several events and markets to share our meats and meat knowledge with the local communities we serve. At Smart Growth Farm, we believe that access to locally grown and properly cultivated food is something all Americans should have access to. Knowing where to find or receive locally sourced food should not be challenging in a bustling city or a rural town. And, as veterans who have traveled near and far in defense of this great country of America, we know how challenging it can be to attain nutritional food. So, Smart Growth Farm will always provide opportunities to share clean, nutritional food locally or across the U.S. So, check out our products and eat smart with Smart Growth Farms!

Be well,

The Ritchey Family


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