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Rain, Tricks, and Eggs: Life at Smart Growth Farms

October 14, 2023 | by josh


It’s been a scorching summer here at Smart Growth Farms, but God has smiled upon us with a change in weather. Bringing some much-needed rain and cooler temperatures, grass is beginning to grow again. As the rain pours down, the dry lot where our sheep have been confined turns into a muddy playground, and they will be ecstatic to get on some fresh grass. Oddly enough, they detest hay.

But let’s talk about the real mischief-makers on the farm – the pigs. These sneaky little turds have been up to no good, playing tricks on our poor dogs. We suspect they’ve been scaling the barn roof, taunting the dogs from above. That’s the only logical explanation for why our loyal canines hate them and bark incessantly at night. It’s a never-ending battle of wits between the pigs and the dogs, and we can’t help but guess what happens during the night.

Now, let’s move on to the feathered residents of Smart Growth Farms – the chickens. These clucky ladies have been holding out on us all summer, not laying a single egg. We’ve been feeding and caring for them; all we got in return was an empty nesting box. But finally, the tides have turned, and the eggs are starting to roll in.

Oh, the joy of collecting fresh eggs from our very own chickens! No more relying on others or paying the grocery store for eggs from who knows what feed and care. The satisfaction of cracking open a warm, freshly laid egg for breakfast is unparalleled. It’s a small victory but one that brings us immense delight.


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