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Whole Lamb Live ~40lbs

January 10, 2024 | by josh


Order your grass-fed, pasture-raised lamb. Pick up and take care of it yourself, or use a processor of your choice. The price is per lamb; butchering costs are additional, but you get to choose your cuts, chops, and steak thickness. This quality and flavor won’t be available in any other places.
Down payment $50
The remaining Balance of $150 will be paid on delivery or pickup. The cost for delivery to the processor or you is .60 cents per mile driven.
Lambs are available now.
1. Make a down payment.
2. Fill out the cut sheet for the processor.
3. Pay balance.
4. We deliver animals to processors for an per mile (outside 20 miles) cost.
5. In about 2 weeks, you get a call to pick up your meat.
6. Pick up meat and pay the processor. We offer delivery for an additional fee.


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