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Quarter-Hog Pork

January 10, 2024 | by josh



Pasture-raised pork, fed Organic, soy-free. These are drug-free pigs out in the pasture living their best piggy lives. You won’t find pork with this much flavor or any weird grocery-store flavor. This is top-quality meat for your table, with a distinctly different flavor from anything at the grocery store.
Save yourself all the grocery store trips, empty shelves, and who knows what that animal was fed. Buying in bulk saves you both time and money, but more importantly, we feed our animals absolutely NO SOY and NO GMOs. You can be sure your meat is drug-free, phytoestrogen-free, and glyphosate (Round-up) free. This much meat gives you a manageable amount of pork options for your first time buying bulk for your family’s dinner table! Guarantee availability for your family with a quarter-hog share.
Approximately idea of what to expect:

Average Take Home Weight: 35lbs
Freezer Space Needed: 2-3 cubic feet (Your regular refrigerator/freezer combo)
How it works:
Once you reserve your quarter hog, we will follow up with the final cut sheet and arrange pickup at our preferred processor, which is the only one we trust to give us clean, cruelty-free meat that we actually drop off.
We offer home delivery for a $20 fee in the San Antonio metro & Austin or free pick up at the processor in Lytle, TX.


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