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Manhood: A Journey of Growth, Strength, Community, and Family

April 30, 2024 | by josh


“Modern Manhood: Navigating Growth, Strength, Community, and the Pillar of Family”

In the digital age, where definitions and roles are constantly evolving, understanding the essence of manhood becomes both a challenge and a journey. This essay delves into the multifaceted dimensions of modern manhood, emphasizing the pillars of personal growth, strength, community, and the undeniable importance of family.

Understanding Modern Manhood

Manhood, traditionally defined by physical prowess and the capacity to provide, has undergone a transformation. Today, it’s a harmonious blend of strength, knowledge, spiritual growth, community value, and familial commitment. As society progresses, so does the concept of manhood, adapting to the needs and challenges of the contemporary world.

The Lifelong Pursuit of Knowledge

Continuous learning stands as a testament to a man’s commitment to personal growth. In our information-driven era, the acquisition of new skills, expansion of knowledge, and the pursuit of wisdom through mentorship are more crucial than ever. This dedication to self-improvement not only benefits the individual but also enriches the community at large.

The Holistic Approach to Physical Fitness

Physical fitness in modern manhood transcends the mere aesthetics of a chiseled physique. It’s about cultivating a mind-body synergy that exudes confidence, resilience, and leadership. A healthy body is a vessel for a vibrant mind, and together they form the cornerstone of a fulfilling life.

Wealth in the 21st Century: Beyond the Dollar Sign

True wealth in today’s world isn’t solely about financial accumulation. It’s about creating opportunities, ensuring the well-being of loved ones, and understanding the broader value of resources. Financial literacy, combined with ethical wealth management, is a hallmark of responsible and mature manhood.

Spirituality: Nourishing the Inner Self

Regardless of religious affiliation, a man’s spiritual journey forms him. While I’m of the Christian faith, I won’t turn away anyone of different faith seeking help. Muslim or Jewish, Sikh or Hindu, a man of faith will always have a firmer grasp on good decision making. A moral compass is vital when making life decisions. Development of the confidence to put off gratification for a greater reward is a keystone to faith and an important. This journey, without religion and personal growth leaves you shapeless, like a jellyfish. A well shaped character provides a sense of purpose in a chaotic world. In my darkest times, talking with god and the faith in more after this life is all that kept me going.

To further illustrate my point, I was heading down a very destructive path in college when I was invited to church. I was one of maybe 4 white people in a black church, a bit uncomfortable, but I will be forever thankful for the invitation. I heard the right word at the right time. The pastor was speaking on his childhood and the cycle of alcoholism and child abandonment by men in his family. He was later heading down a similar route as a young man and reflected on his childhood, choosing to be different. I couldn’t tell you the scripture he referenced from that day to save my life, but that message will stick with me forever. It’s not nearing 20 years and I remember it as if it were this morning. I made the conscious decision that semester to leave college and join the military. I won’t say the military is a good option for anyone in particular, but it was the only opportunity in Altoon, PA, other than selling or using heroin.

Community Engagement: Building Bridges

An active role in the community is more than a responsibility—it’s a privilege. As a real man, you recognize the significance of community involvement, understanding that individual growth and communal progress are intrinsically linked. With this engagement comes opportunity to enage in new growing opportunities and exercise your courage. Too many people hide in their home, gaming, doom scrolling and watching tv, STOP! Get out, find an organization to volunteer in, and do the right thing. You’ll find more conflict than any video game simply by pressing for ethics. It’s truly amazing how few people exercise good ethics and morals in their leadership of organizations, especially government. Start small, work your way to larger challenges. You’ll make friends, learn a lot, and if you don’t have a wife or girlfriend, this is a great place to find one. The number of people I have met who, can’t find a “good woman” (or man) is almost always due to their spending more time on Tinder and in the bar than at a quality organization giving of themselves.

Family: The Anchor in a Sea of Change

Amidst the whirlwind of life, family remains the critical anchor for many men, as it should. Being a father, husband, and son isnt’ an opportunity granted to every man, not having parts of that doesn’t detract from your manhood.

Being a father and husband is an immense challenge, but incredibly fulfilling. It’s vital we embrace this role as “culture” and primarily social media like the Chinese Communist Party’s TikTok tell us how stupid family is. Life comes with never ending challenges, having a solid family to come home to is the only way I make it through some days. Having those people that know, love, and support you when you need it, is an amazing feeling. Leading with love, understanding, and commitment is the essence of family in manhood. There is a natural drive to permiscuity, but I can prommise, from experience the wholesome value of life with a quality partner is worth far more than the instant gratification of a hookup.

Having gone through a divorce after nearly a decade of marriage with kids, I will be the first to attest to the fact that a quality wife is both tough to find, but also pivotal in a lasting relationship. Having opted for hot and fun turned out to be a terrible choice. As I grew and matured out of that phase, she couldn’t help but resent me more and more for taking her out of that life. Seeking to appease her need to party and get other men’s attention by going the bar or club more often didn’t help. All that to say, take the time to develop as a young man, in a good church before trying to find a woman. I found whay I was looking for because I didn’t have a firm base of morality and wasn’t sure what my value were. Once I figured that out, I was 4 years into marriage and the fun had worn off. That resulted in a slow spiral into misery and divorce. Avoid it all by identifying your value and finding a partner with similar. You’ll both grow over time, but growing together sure does help solidify your relationship.


The tapestry of modern manhood is woven with threads of tradition, which have been unraveling since the 90’s and genetics of ancestors who fought animals and tribes. As we navigate the complexities of the 21st century combined with the pillars of spirituality, life-long growth, strength, community, and family build us, ensuring that the essence of manhood perserveres through this trubulent time.

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