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Hustle and Home.

October 13, 2022 | by Jazmin

Into The Thick of it…

Universal Studios, CA

With full-time careers and a house full of kids, the rigamarole of farming and running our business as a side hustle can leave Josh and me running on fumes. Last weekend, Josh went all in on finishing our second house on the property that will double as our business space and Josh’s brewing hobbies. Meanwhile, I felt like I was going in circles, cleaning up after the house pets and kids with hopes of organizing. As I feverishly cleaned baby bottles while thinking about all the prep work we needed for our next market event, the realization hit me like a bull bucking an unwanted passenger that sometimes you have to let the little things go. Keeping a house hygienic is a priority. However, keeping our home clean as if it is not lived in is absurd. We have so many things going on simultaneously that we cannot worry about shoes being stored in the wrong place or hair brushes on the kitchen island. We are no longer concerned with unfolded laundry sitting on the couch for a few days…or longer (haha).

What Really Matters.


In our family, we prioritize family. We work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor together. Whether it be a family movie, game night, or smores over the fire pit, we enjoy time well spent together. The markets are busy, and we are in the throws of volleyball, soccer, and girl scout season. Josh and I are somehow juggling all of these things, which is not always pretty and is often exhausting. But, at the end of each night, after the kids have wound down with a family t.v. show and headed off to bed, Josh and I get to reflect over the day, laughing at what most would not understand by proxy of us sharing the same professional career (we spend almost all of our time in nearness, and I love it). The day’s reflection makes us grateful to one another and for our life because there is an invaluable richness to experiencing life and love with someone you can depend on through the good, bad, and downright ugly.

Let it go, Let it go…

So, let the dishes pile up and let the dog double as the vacuum cleaner; I am sure the dog loves the floor treats. And, if you are local, enjoy the pleasant, relaxed sunny day at your local farmers market. You can meet us this Saturday at Decock Farm in Castroville, TX (30 min outside of San Antonio) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Say hello, and check out our pasture-raised, non-soy, non-GMO meats.

And don’t forget that you can never go wrong when eating smart with Smart Growth Farm!

Arizona State University’s Biodome II, AZ


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